“On behalf of the entire ENERGICOTEL Executive Management and Technical Team, I wish to convey our sincere appreciation to CMA, RSE, BK Capital, AFR, RR Associates, PWC, and Hope Holding Limited for all the financial, technical support and the priceless service rendered to us during the process of issuing ENERGICOTEL’s Corporate Bond to be listed to Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE) market.

It is with great gratitude to all stakeholders we announce that ENERGICOTEL PLC goes on the records of the Capital Market Authority (CMA) and Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE) as the first Independent Power Producer (IPP) to receive regulatory approval to Issue and list a Corporate Bond on the RSE.

We’re thrilled about this historical milestone and we pledge to our investors an attractive return as we implement our company’s growth strategy and increase our market size through cross-border transactions.” Murakoze

Executive Director of ENERGICOTEL PLC